Website Backups, Disaster Recovery Packages

In the event of database corruption, an attack on your website, virus or any other issues, we can restore everything, from a single file, the database itself, or the entire website. A full restore can be completed rapidly so your downtime is minimised.

Using the very best available website backup tools, we will schedule backups of your website files, content code and database once per month. We currently supply server backups of your database daily, but the files and content code are not included in your hosting package.

What we’re offering is to do local backups to one of our secure onsite storage drives. This way, if you encounter any serious problems with your website you can be confident that all of the elements that make up your website are stored safely. Additionally, we will retain backups for a rolling one-month period. So, you can retrieve a file or indeed the entire website as it was at any point in the previous four weeks.

The latest statistics shows every 39 seconds a website is attacked by malware or hacker attacks!

This is totally optional to you the client, were just giving our clients that have websites critical to their business one less thing to worry about.

*this package is for websites stored on our servers only!

Package cost:
Monthly Backups of your web code files, content, images & database
£15.00 per month
Sign up link: Click here

If you require backups on a weekly or fortnightly bases, please contact us for these rates?

If addition to your website backup, if you require email backups, please contact us for more information.

Any questions just ask, were here to help!