How to Answer an Incoming Chat

When someone visits your website or personal profile page and initiates a chat using the live chat widget you will hear a notification sound.

On the left side of the dashboard you will see that visitor and the background color will be PINK. That indicates you have an incoming chat that needs to be answered.

Answer the incoming chat by clicking on the visitor (with PINK background) to open the chat window.

PINK Background – New incoming chat that has not been answered.
GREEN Background – Chat that YOU have already answered and is currently active.
BLUE Background – Chat that is active but ANOTHER agent has answered.

Then click on the JOIN BUTTON at the bottom of the chat window. Once you answer the chat that visitor will have a green background.


You can use the menu to select which Alias you would like to join the chat with. The Alias names will appear when you click on the menu. Select the Alias and then click the green Join button.


Online, Away and Invisible Status

You can set your status as an agent to either Online, Away or Invisible Status.

To change your status go to the Top Right of the Dashboard and use the drop down menu.


Online Status – You are online and available to answer incoming chats.

Away Status – You are online and available to answer chats but have set the widget message to say “Away” to set the visitors expectation that you may or may not be available to answer their chat.

Invisible Status – You are offline. You are however able to see chats in the dashboard but you can not join them. This status should only be used to monitor chats.

NOTE: You must have at least 1 agent logged into the dashboard that is not set to invisible status for the widget to indicate that you are online.

Viewing Chat History

You can view the History for any chat from your website, page or personal profile page.

Click on Messaging at the Top of the Dashboard.


From the list on the left click on the name of the Site, Page or Profile Page you wish to view past messages from. Then click ALL on the left of the message view area.

You will see all closed chats, missed chats and tickets in this area. You can sort them by Open, Pending or Closed.

Miss chats can be viewed quickly by selecting Unassigned as a filter.

Click on a Message in the list of Messages.  A window will open where you can view the chat transcript or ticket as well as other details such as: Visitor Location, IP Address, Notes, Last Visit, etc.

Search Chat History
You can use the search box above the messaging section to quickly find a chat or ticket.


Delete a Chat from History

To Delete a Chat or Message from History simply check the box on the right side of the list next to the message you wish to delete. You can delete multiple messages at once or one at a time. Just check the box and then click on the red delete messages button.  You must be an Admin to delete messages in history.


Creating and Managing Shortcuts

You can create, and use Shortcuts (canned responses) to answer common questions by simply typing / followed by a keyword. For example you could type /hello to quickly send the visitor the text: “Hello how can we help you today?”

To create a New Shortcut, click on Admin at the Top of the Dashboard.
Then Choose the Property the Shortcut will be used for.


Click on Shortcuts and you will see a screen like the image below. You can Manage Existing Shortcuts here.

Click the Green Add Shortcut Button at the Top Right of this screen to Add a New Shortcut



When you name a Shortcut remember that “hello” and “Hello” will both work but will be treated as two different shortcuts. We recommend using all lower case letters.

When naming a Shortcut DO NOT INCLUDE THE FORWARD SLASH “/”

1. Name the Shortcut
2. Enter the Message you want to send the visitor for that Shortcut
3. Choose whether this Shortcut is Personal (only you can see and use it) or Public (any agent can use it)
4. Choose whether this Shortcut is a message or a quick survey. (it will almost always be a message)

Edit Existing Shortcuts
You can search for Shortcuts or choose them from the list. Click on the Shortcut you wish to edit. Click save after you have made changes.

Global Shortcuts. 

Shortcuts are tied to the property they are setup for. We also allow you to create Global Shortcuts that are attached to Your Account and NOT a specific website or property. Global Shortcuts can be used by YOU ONLY ON ANY PROPERTY you have added to the dashboard. You can access these by going to My Profile (middle icon top right of the dashboard) then click Global Shortcuts.

Edit Your Account Settings

To Edit the Account Settings for your account. Navigate to the Top Right corner of the Dashboard. Click on the icon for My Profile. (Middle Icon)


Then Click on the Settings option under Account Settings


In the Edit Account Settings screen you can change the Name, Email and the Password for your account.


Editing Your Personal Profile Page

To Edit your free Personal Profile Page. Follow these Steps:

1. Go to My Profile at the Top Right of the Dashboard (middle icon)
2. Choose an Option to Edit on the Right Side of the My Profile screen.


You can edit the Page Content, Widget Settings, Widget Appearance, Widget Content, Page Shortcuts and Ban List here. You can edit the URL to your Profile Page by clicking the Pencil Icon to the right of the URL.

PLEASE NOTE: Editing these settings does not change the settings for the widget on your website.

These settings ONLY affect the Widget on your Personal Profile Page.

Creating and Managing Aliases

You can have multiple aliases, so you can answer each chat with any name you like. To Manage Aliases:

Log-in to Your Dashboard
Go to My Profile  (top right corner middle icon)


Go to Aliases under Account Settings.


You can edit an already existing Alias by clicking on it in the list of existing Aliases or you can create a new Alias by clicking the green “Add Alias” button in the top right corner. To Delete an Alias check the box to the right of the Alias you want to Delete and then press the delete button that will appear.


Adding an Alias Image to the Chat Widget

When you answer a chat using an Alias you can choose to display an image in the widget. To add an image to the chat widget pull down the “Action” Menu to display image settings. Then Upload or Take a Photo.

NOTE: This image will only appear in the widget when an incoming chat is answered using that Alias.


To answer an incoming chat using an Alias just click on the menu to the left of the Join button and Select the Alias you want to use. Then click Join. You can set any Alias to be the Default Alias that will be pre-selected for you.


Enabling Desktop Notifications

You can Enable Desktop Notifications that will appear even if your web browser is minimized. Follow these Steps:

1. Go to the Top Right of the Dashboard and click on the Settings Icon. (Gear Icon)
2. Switch Desktop Notifications On or Off.


Managing Sound Settings

To Change the Sounds that you hear in the Dashboard, Follow These Steps:

1. Go to the Top Right of the Dashboard and click on the Settings Icon. (Gear Icon)

2. Go to Manage Sounds.


3. Choose the Sound you would like to use for each Action.
4. Set the Volume Level and how many times you would like that Sound Repeated
5. Click Save


Banning a Visitor

Banning or Un-Banning a Visitor

If you have a visitor that you need to Ban from using the chat widget you can do so following these instructions. This Ban only prevents the visitor from using the chat widget. It does not ban them from your website.

If you are in an active chat:

1. Go to the Options menu in the top right corner of the chat window. Click Details to bring up the Details Pane if it’s not already open.


2. Click Ban Visitor. Provide a reason for Banning the Visitor.

3. You can choose to Ban the visitor by IP address by selecting the Ban IP box. (If you do not Ban the IP the visitor will be able to clear the cookies in their browser and return)

If you are not in an active chat:

Go to the Top of the Dashboard and click on Admin. Then under Property settings click Ban List.


You will see a Green button that says Ban IP at the Top Right of that screen. You can enter the IP address for that visitor and create the ban.


To Remove a Banned Visitor from the Banned Visitor list click the empty box to the right of that visitor. A Delete Button will appear. Click the Delete Button to remove the ban.

Disabling your Account

To disable your account please follow these instructions :

  1. Please send an email to, requesting account deletion.
  2. We will reply to confirm you would like the account deleted, and for all your chat history to be removed.
  3. Upon reply, your account will be deleted within 24 hours.

This process is in place to ensure your account has not been compromised, and that sensitive data does not get deleted by mistake.