Google shopping advertising Telford


Google Shopping Advertising Campaign

Google shopping advertising in the most popular search engine around and one of the most efficient ways of promoting your businesses, products and services. A properly targeted campaign in Google can generate more leads, sales and website traffic.

We fully understand that fast growing businesses don’t always have time and experience to run various marketing activities.
To address that mawebdesign are tailored to your Google shopping campaign management on your behalf. Our main focus is on improving your Return on investment and generating sales.

We constantly monitor the efficiency of managed campaigns to make sure you are getting the best possible results. We also generate monthly reports that include activity summary and results as well as advice and recommendation. It helps to make better decisions and to react to the ever changing market.

Example of search term “adidas trainers” shopping adverts!

Google shopping advertising Telford


We will create an optimal bid strategy based on your goals, margins and product performance. The quality of the product feed plays a big part in ad ranking, so we will also help you to optimise your feed for maximum visibility across a wide range of relevant search terms.

As a successful Google shopping management company we understand that a successful Google shopping campaign needs:

  • A clear understanding of your business, your market and your budget
  • Careful thought and strategic planning
  • Deep keyword research and qualification for intent, not just traffic
  • Compelling ad copy to increase traffic and sales
  • Collaboration and clear communication to make the best decisions for your business

But most of all, to dominate your market, it will need frequent monitoring, analysis and optimisation from an experienced Specialist to test and refine your campaign until it is a well-oiled, sales generating machine.


Google shopping is a very different platform than when it started and changing every day as Google provide more and more features and tools for pay per click company’s like us to grow our clients business.


A successful, targeted Pay per click campaign can not only increase brand awareness but the traffic to your website. This delivers a considerable return on your investment, increasing your revenue. Our experts at mawebdesign have all the skills required to generate a sustainable campaign for your business. From in depth keyword analysis to copywriting your Google shopping ad, we’ve got it covered.


We conduct an in-depth product analysis and a large amount of research to find the best performing products for you. We then geographically target your Pay per click campaign to further ensure maximum conversion rates. This ensures that you only target your specific target audience and don’t waste your budget with hundreds or thousands of keyword variations that draw in the wrong visitors. We then monitor your campaign to ensure your products and Google Adwords ads continue to perform at their best, so you can fore fill your business potential.