CMS proves to be extremely valuable for a business as it led to an easy management of web content and enhanced collaboration. Uploading fresh content can be done from anyplace.

Design Sites Your Way

CMS lets you design websites the way you want to. Use your favourite design tools. There’s no need to install any software and you never have to worry about updates.

Less Training, More Editing

Our Live Editor is as simple as it gets. Just point and click to select any content region on the page. CMS shows you exactly what your changes will look like as you edit. Sound easy? Most of our clients are able to use our CMS program with little or no training right from the start. We work hard to make things as simple as possible for you.

You Take the Credit

Upload your logo, change the text, and access the CMS from your own domain. Our CMS program was developed to be a white-label service, so you can sit back and take all the credit.

Edit Content with Live Preview

With CMS, you can see changes on your site as you make them! No more form based editing.

Content Versioning

Our CMS program tracks your changes, and you can always restore a page to a previously saved or published version!

Never Resize Images Again!

Zoom-Crop is your new best friend. You never have to resize images to fit an area on your site again!

Photo Editing!

With our CMS program you can sharpen, resize, adjust colors, and apply effects to photos right from your browser!