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Running Facebook and Instagram ads

What benefits can we get by running Facebook and Instagram ads?   Running Facebook and Instagram ads can provide several benefits for businesses. Here are some key advantages: Wide Reach: Facebook and Instagram have billions of active users, offering a massive potential audience for your ads. These platforms allow you to reach users of different […]

Bulk Table Editor

Setup and Configuration Settings for Bulk Table Editor To find the settings, go to: WooCommerce > Settings >  Bulk Table Editor Bulk Table Editor has two sections, the first section is for general settings and the other is for setting up integrations with an other plugins. A custom price field is for example a wholesaler price, […]

Live Website Talk

Messaging app that lets you monitor and live chat with visitors on your website One time set up fee, you never have to pay for live chat software again You shouldn’t have to pay to chat with the visitors on your own website. They’re your visitors! All the features you would expect from a chat […]

Let us connect to your pc remotely with Teamviewer

Let us connect to your pc remotely with Teamviewer Let MAWebdesign gain access from afar. Using simple software, you can see and control a remote computer on another device that you’re currently using–even from a different computer network. All you typically need is a working Internet connection for both devices. Various methods and applications can […]

What is the difference between POP3 and IMAP?

Learn about the differences between POP and IMAP, and which one you should use to access your mail from your mobile device or third-party email client. POP3 and IMAP are two different protocols (methods) used to access email. Of the two, IMAP is the better option – and the recommended option – when you need […]

Google Mobile Search Update

How will Google Algorithm Change affect your website? Google next big update is going to target non-mobile friendly sites and is expected to roll out April 21, 2015, and roll out for a few days to a week. This is a big one, and could affect a large portion of your web traffic and seo […]